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Have you recently had the misfortune of enduring through a terrible flood or tornado? If so, you will probably be relieved if your house is still standing after this disaster. It is important to remember, however, that the danger is not over just because the storm has passed. In fact, some of the most critical hours are those that take place right after the event.

As water stands still it begins to seep into the infrastructure of your property, damages structural components and in some cases completely destroys the soundness of the floors and drywall. Sitting water not only permanently stains the surfaces and colors of your personal objects and furniture, but it creates a perfect environment for the growth of mold. Before any of these problems further plague your house, reach out to Flood Rescue for Midwest City water extraction services.

Our Water Extraction Process

Since the dangers of standing water are so great, it is critical to have complete water extraction as quickly as possible. Our devoted experts have a detailed process to making sure that no water or even moisture remains in your property.

Some of the steps we take to thoroughly extract water include:

  • Removing or relocating any furniture or personal belongings to another place so they can be safely dried, disinfected, and removed from potential damage
  • Clearing the whole area to make space for extraction equipment
  • Utilizing the highest quality of powerful extraction equipment and pumps to remove all remaining water after the disaster
  • Checking that all areas of the home are completed extracted

The Importance of Tackling Standing Water

You must never wait to let standing water ruin your property. The longer any water left over from a burst sewer or excessive rainfall is allowed to sit, the deeper it will penetrate any exposed surfaces. This has been proven to permanently destroy or warp wood and drywall, and even weaken the stability of your home’s structure.

Another effect of standing water is that it rapidly promotes the growth of mold and bacteria. Many people think of mold as something that grows over a few weeks. However, in the right conditions, spores start to develop in under 48 hours. Black mold, as well as other pathogens that directly form in standing water are proven to have negative effects on the health of humans and pets.

Comprehensive Support with Your Insurance Claims

If you have just survived a terrible catastrophe, from a storm to a burst sewer, the thought of filing an insurance claim might fill you with dread, especially since insurance companies often blame the victim so they do not have to cover the expenses. There is no reason to be anxious with Flood Rescue at your side. We are prepared to offer detailed evidence of the water damage on your property, helping with your insurance claim so you get the financial support you deserve.

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