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Storm Damage Mitigation in Midwest City

Professional Services for Storm Damaged Properties

Although Kansas may be known for its tornados and storms on account of the infamous children’s story The Wizard of Oz, the state of Oklahoma gets more than its full share of these devastating natural disasters as well. If you have recently suffered from a storm or tornado, it is important to reach out to our dedicated technicians at Flood Rescue as soon as possible.

If you want to minimize the amount of damage to your home or business, acting promptly is the only sure way of recovering. Our reliable experts are ready to extract any remaining water and dry out your property, so it does not suffer staining, warping, or even the growth of mold. Not only will we get rid of any traces of water, but we can assist with protecting your home from water intrusion until a contractor can repair your roof or siding.

Powerful Support for Insurance Company Claims

Insurance companies are supposed to provide critical financial aid to homeowners following a devastating event like one of our violent Oklahoma storms. The unfortunate truth is that insurance companies do not always willingly aid the victims of these natural disasters, usually providing the bare minimum of financial support. In some cases, companies will even try to blame homeowners themselves, excusing the damage by stating a house was already in disrepair before a storm.

Here at Flood Rescue, our empathetic team is ready to stand by your side and offer the advocacy you need by helping you prove your right to disaster insurance following a storm. We can provide detailed images and descriptions of all the damage your property has suffered to use as clear evidence that you are entitled to full financial benefits from an insurance claim.

Comprehensive Services for Cleaning Your Property After a Storm

When Flood Rescue arrives at your home, we will immediately labor to halt any water damage in its tracks and stabilize the infrastructure of your house.

Some of the critical steps we will take to protect your home include:

  • Draining out spaces that have become flooded
  • Treating contaminated materials
  • Disinfecting damaged areas to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria
  • Completely drying out any furniture or property that has become waterlogged

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