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Sewage Cleanup in Midwest City

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While residents in Midwest City are prone to experiencing many natural disasters, there is one kind of catastrophe that fills any homeowner with dread: a sewer back up or burst sewer line. When your sewer becomes blocked or suffers a leak, sewage will rapidly overflow your toilets, drains and showers, causing horrible damage to your property. Not only is there an unpleasant odor, but it is highly dangerous when people or animals encounter it. Full of harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, sewage needs to be quickly cleaned up before anyone is exposed to it.

The moment you are aware you need rapid sewage cleanup in Midwest City, reach out to our team at Flood Rescue. Our experts are ready to halt this hazardous situation in its tracks and completely restore your property to normal.

Causes of Sewage Backup

Because sewer lines are hidden underground, we are often unaware that trouble is brewing just beneath the surface. It is important to be alert to the common causes of burst sewers or sewage backup, so you can reach out to us the minute you suspect you may have a problem on your hands.

Some of the most common ways your sewer line could become damaged include:

  • Storm-Induced Sewage Overflows – Excess rainwater will often flood the mainlines of your town and then backflow into your own home’s sewer system.
  • Tree Roots Disrupting Sewer Lines – Trees have intricate root systems, and if these roots become tangled with your sewer line, they can even crush, crack, or impair the toughest pipes.
  • Drain Blockages Leading to Sewage Issues – Inorganic matter, or even too large of a mass of organic substances, can contribute to blocking your sewer lines and creating a backup.
  • Corrosion and Aging Sewer Systems – Over time, even the most powerful lines will succumb to regular wear and tear, as well as corrosion from the elements, which means they are liable to burst or crack at any time.

Full Remediation Procedures for Sewage Cleanup

Unlike other water damage mitigation projects, sewage cleanup requires an extra level of care and caution on account of the toxic nature of sewage. Our team will arrive at your home in full protective gear and clothing, with all the necessary equipment for thoroughly extracting and disposing of sewage. If needed, to provide your family and pets with total protection from the dangerous substances in sewage, we can install containments to make sure that cross contamination does not effect other areas of the property.

After disposing any materials that have been irrevocably contaminated, as well as safely removing objects that can be safely cleaned and restored, we will make sure that the structural elements and surfaces of your property are thoroughly sanitized with powerful antimicrobials. When it comes to comprehensive care of your home or business after a harmful sewage incident, you can trust Flood Rescue to make sure everything is safe, secure, and free from any traces of your sewer system.

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