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Midwest City Water Damage Mitigation

Protecting Your Property from the Damaging Aftermath of Floods, Storms & More

When a pipe bursts, a storm sweeps through, or your sewer backs up, you could find yourself up to your ankles in water. But getting dry is the least of your concerns – as that water seeps into your floors, walls, and furniture, it can cause wood rot, damage crucial structures, and encourage mold growth. At Flood Rescue, we move fast to assess, mitigate, and resolve water damage before it can destroy your home. Our water damage mitigation services are all designed to safeguard your property and protect your loved ones from water-damage related hazards. Even when moisture hides away in your furniture or floors, we find every last drop and ensure that your home is 100% dry and damage-free.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services Include:

  • Advanced Thermal Inspection Services: We use advanced thermal cameras to detect hidden moisture and leaks that could be secretly damaging key structures in your home.
  • Professional Flood Damage Response: Any kind of flooding can wreak havoc on your structures, furniture, and possessions – we’re here to stop that damage in its tracks.
  • Storm Damage Recovery Assistance: From harsh rainstorms to tornadoes, any kind of storm can feel like a major disaster when your home gets damaged. Flood Rescue can help you recover after any kind of storm or extreme weather.
  • Comprehensive Sewage Cleanup and Sanitation: Unlike other forms of water damage, sewage leaks can bring all kinds of bacteria and contaminants into your home. We make sure sewage gets cleaned up properly, and that all damage left behind is repaired and resolved.
  • Thorough Water Extraction Services: Your furniture, walls, and floors may seem dry, but hidden reservoirs of water could be lurking deep in the wood, causing damage from the inside out. We make sure that excess water gets removed, leaving your property completely dry.
  • Accurate Slab Leak Detection and Repair: Countless homes suffer water damage from hidden plumbing leaks located out of sight within their walls. Let our experts pinpoint the location of any hidden leaks, resolving issues before they cause serious problems.
  • Commercial Water Damage Services for Midwest City Businesses: Our experts can also help your business recover from any type of water damage, whether it be storms, floods, or sewage leaks.

Preserving Your Hardwood Floors from Water Damage

Moisture intrusion from floods can be devastating to hardwood floors. We understand the unique properties of your cherished hardwood floors and can use the latest technology and techniques to ensure they are properly dried and no permanent damage is left behind. It is important that we take our time with this process, as drying too quickly can lead to over-drying, which may cause just as much damage as the initial water intrusion. Our experts will take care and caution to bring the wood back to its natural moisture content.

Full-Service Mitigation Experts

Water damage comes in many forms and can cause a wide array of problems. But no matter what your water damage looks like, our Midwest City team has the services you need to assess, mitigate, and resolve it fast. We don’t leave lingering damage behind, or make you wait forever to get your home back – we just help you get back on your feet fast.

Call Us Before You Call Your Insurer

When you file your insurance claim, your insurer will want to know the extent of the damage, what repairs will cost, and what those repairs will involve. Collecting all that information and arguing with your agent about it can waste a lot of time, during which water can seep into structures and cause even more damage. When you call us first, however, we let you skip most of that stress. Flood Rescue works with insurers to give them all the information they need. Our professional evaluations fulfill all their requirements, which means that your claim can get processed and approved faster.

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