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If you have just survived a devastating storm or an unexpected burst sewer line, you may initially be relieved to discover there does not appear to be any overt evidence of water damage. The problem is, however, that water damage is not always that obvious. In many cases, small traces of water can seep into the deeper layers of your home’s infrastructure, causing the foundation, drywall, and floorboards to be weaker. As a result, they will be much more prone to falling into disrepair as time goes on, even if they appear to be fine on the surface.

To prevent this serious situation from occurring, our dedicated professionals at Flood Rescue offer thorough Midwest City thermal inspection to anyone worried about the security of their home or business. By using powerful infrared thermal imaging (IR) technology, we can erase all the guesswork, revealing the true state of your property, and pinpoint exactly where any repairs or maintenance must be performed.

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Great Benefits That Come from Our Thermal Inspections

Whereas past technicians had to rely on scrutinizing a building with their eyes alone, the detailed imaging system of IR technology allows us to look far beneath the surface. As a result, there are so many advantages which are now available to you, simply by scheduling a thermal inspection.

Some of the benefits of these detailed tests include:

  • Decreased invasiveness on your property – Since we can immediately tell where a leak is, there is no need to tear up your floors or pull apart your walls.
  • Superior accuracy – In the past, many technicians were using their best guess to find the general location of water damage. However, our thermal imaging inspections display the exact extent of damage so we can provide the appropriate solution, without wasting any time in the process.
  • More maintenance support – Sometimes your building might not have suffered from any recent flooding, but to ensure that it is sound and secure from future problems, additional maintenance is recommended. Our reliable inspections are excellent for ensuring that your property is in perfect condition. Contact our team to learn more about our thermal inspections.

Saving Money with Our Advanced Technology Solutions

Not only are thermal imaging cameras extremely accurate when it comes to identifying possible points of water damage and moisture problems, but they will save you a lot of money in long term as well. For one thing, you will never have to worry about dealing with restoring the damage caused by service contractors ripping apart your entire house just to find one leak. Any time there are minor problems, our technicians can also quickly catch these issues right away so that you do not have to pay for expensive repairs.

Moreover, thermal inspections are powerful advocates if you are filing an insurance claim. When it comes to proving that you suffered from a disastrous event, insurance companies demand a lot of evidence. If you have the hard proof from our Flood Rescue thermal inspection cameras, you are more likely to get the full range of financial support you need following a devastating flood or storm.

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